Pizza Hut delivery fined £13k after failing to deal with serious cockroach infestation


The Pizza Hut delivery branch in Cambridge was taken to court by the city council after hygiene officers discovered a huge cockroach infestation in the premises

The director of Exultant Pizza Ltd, trading as Pizza Hut Delivery in Mill Road, Cambridge, accepted charges in relation to the infestation and a failure to resolve the matter.

Cambridge City Council confirmed it had pressed charges resulting in Wednesday’s hearing at Huntingdon Magistrates Court.

Council hygiene officers had visited the business premises and found evidence of live and dead cockroaches at various stages of development, reports CambridgeshireLive.

With the insects carrying the potential to cause illness through contamination, the site was immediately shut down so remedial action could be taken.

A further inspection deemed the issue no longer posed a threat to public health and the branch was re-opened.

The guilty plea was entered earlier this summer on August 5, and the company has now been fined a total of £13,070, including legal costs and victim surcharges.

Pictures shared by the council show dead and live cockroaches on a sticky trap on the floor within the food business premises.

As well as another photo with live cockroaches on a door frame within the pizza delivery building.

Councillor Rosy Moore, Executive Councillor for Environmental Services and City Centre on Cambridge City Council, said: “Public health should be a top priority for all food businesses in Cambridge and we expect them to maintain high standards.

“However, when we find poor standards that present significant risks to food safety and associated public health we will not hesitate to take action to keep the public from harm.

“In the current climate, with coronavirus at the forefront of everyone’s mind, it is essential that businesses comply with all food hygiene legislation, and where premises have been closed for a period it is imperative that extra checks for pests are taken before opening.”